A fun collage of the pictures my kids take!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

Our youngest son James has always been pretty good at math. One day in the car, we decided to play around with him. My husband would ask him how old his brother or another relative would be in a certain year and he would give the correct age. When my husband asked " How old will I be in 2058, Ryan popped out with-out hesitation, "Dead."

Tortilla Airplane!

The boys have really been into paper airplanes lately, so one night while have fajitas Ryan decided to make a tortilla airplane! I know, I know, he shouldn't be playing with his food, but we couldn't help but get a good laugh at this one. Pictures were taken with the understanding that this is a one time thing!

A Couple of Fun Pics of Mom!

Taking a picture of mom taking a picture of me is lots of fun!

Mom looking out to sea on our balcony.

Of Things That Move

toy truck

Frozen Fountain